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Seeing Yossie in action, you might never guess the depth of his introspection, his deep connection to the Rebbe that kept him constantly doing a personal inventory. Was he doing enough? Where could he do more? How to be a better chosid?
You might never imagine the soulfulness of his davening, Word by word, heartfelt, unrushed. To be in the presence of his prayer you'd never suspect he was already behind schedule, with people waiting. There might be consequences, but rushing past his Tefila would not be one of them. 

This inspired the latest and most ambitious project undertaken in Yossie's name, the Yossie Raichik Shul being built in Kfar Chabad.
In our times, since the destruction of the Holy Temple, a Shul serves as a Mikdash Me'at, a small sanctuary. Just as in the Beis HaMikdash, the windows were fashioned narrower at the inside and broader at the outside to allow the G-dly light to emanate from the Temple to illuminate the surrounding world. Just so, in our times, a shul establishes a place where G-d's presence rests and goes forth to influence and uplift. It increases G-d presence into the world to sanctify and elevate our words and deeds. This was Yossie's mission-- to increase a fellow Jew's connection to der Aibershter. With a kind word, an emphasis on action, enabling a Jew to help another, to
minimize obstacles and encourage leaps of faith--this characterized Yossie.
With a gentle and caring hand, Yossie guided people to appreciate G-d's presence in their lives, in their hearts, and gently pushed them to increase His presence in their lives and in their
spheres of influence. This is the mission of the Yossie Raichik Shul, to increase the presence and influence of der Aibershter in people's lives, especially young people to provide a beautiful, warm and inclusive environment to worship and connect to G-d. 

Yossie felt the power of that connection in his own davening. Before sedation, his last request was for his tefillin to be put on him each day, that his connection be maintained, for each day of his life.

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