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We love to hear stories about Yossie—they always evoke such a strong feeling of his presence. If there is a "Yossie" story, a memory, an anecdote or a thought you'd like to share, please visit the Memorial page.
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visits to LA

Whenever Yossie, Dinah and the family came to visit LA, Yossie was always happy to see me when I came to visit Dinah. He knew he was free to run around and visit with his many friends and take care of business without worrying whether Dinah was enjoying herself too. He used to tease me, "Oh, now that Aliza is here, I might as well go, Dinah will have no time for me!" He always made me feel very special.

Yossie's cell phone message

i'm so glad you included Yossie's outgoing cellphone message in the video. I always loved how he ended his message, "Have a great day; make the best of it." He really meant it and it always refocused me when I heard it.

After I heard the awful news I called his cellphone one last time, just to hear that message one last time....

Yossie - My Friend

A great video,a great album, a great sight, a great life, but more importantly,....A GREAT MAN....whose life was too short, but who accomplished in his short time what most people do not accomplish in ten lifetimes. We miss you and love you and we keep your family close by in our hearts,minds and beings so that your memory will always be will us.....
Rosalynn Malamud...Raizel bas Hadas

My big brother

Growing up, I always felt very lucky and special having Yossie as my big brother. He took the time to listen and showed he cared, even for a very younger (and probably pesky) sister. Whenever he travelled, he always remembered to bring home a present or souvenir, (someof which I still have).
Chani Hanoka

Yaya the favorite nephew

הערות: This website is impressive. Well done for my dear uncle yossi who is so deserving. The impact he made on my life and the lives of all his friends and his family is his greatest legacy,the fun moments and profound theries.singing a niggun with passion and understanding other people so well. Your greatest fan, Yaya

visits to Israel

When I was in Israel with my neice, getting her settled in school, we had lunch with Yossie and Dinah and the kids in Yerushalayim on Shabbosl. Yossie was in much demand from his own kids, who were crazy about him, but throughout he showed an interest in my neice, asking her questions, making jokes, and helping her to feel at ease. In no time, she felt right at home. Thanks, Yoss.


I Was in an Bris Mila in Manhattan, from a Argentinian family, in which the baby was called Ilan. Some of the guests was Mr. Eduardo Elstein who spoke during the pseudo Mitzvah. Among some of the things that counted was that the baby's father is a close friend of his younger brother Daniel Elstein and when twenty years ago Mr. Eduardo had his son call him Mayor Ilan. Yossi Reitchik A "H was in the Bris. And talk about the baby's name and with one thing he said was the Medrash that says" Ilan Bame avorechacho "etc. When the baby's father heard the explanation and said name signficado when i "h with a child going to call Ilan .. Twenty years later that day where I was part of the Bris Mila.
Levi Lipinski

Uncle Yossie

When I lived in Israel the Raichik’s house was my second home...I was there as often as possible. The whole family made me feel absolutely at home and gave me the royal treatment every time I came, which was at least twice a month for three days and of course a few days on top of that. It was always so fun and exciting being around Yossie. I especially loved Shabbos with him...his whole demeanor expressed Shabbos. All my friends loved coming- Yossie always found some way that he knew them and made them feel so special. He took such good care of me rides in middle of the night to the bus stop...making sure I didn’t go to dangerous places...even calling my principal for me so I could join a family trip... and I know he did the same for all his nieces and nephews. He was once giving me a ride to Yerushalayim and picked up a hitch hiker on the way. She was new to Israel and he spent the entire 45 min ride asking about how she was doing and giving her encouragement. Everyone who came in contact with him felt better about themselves after having spoken to him.
Simi Rivkin
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