I Will Make Sure You Have A Sefer Torah
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I Will Make Sure You Have A Sefer Torah

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It all began in the Spring of 5765. Yossie Raichik, his mother and wife visited the famous old Shul of the Remah in Cracow, and were surprised that the Shul did not have a Sefer Torah. On the spot Yossie decided that the Remah Shul will have a Kosher Sefer Torah. 
A year before he passed away, Yossie, together with a group of his friends visited the Remah shul in Cracow, and started to write the Sefer Torah.  
The original plans were to finish the writing within 12 months, and celebrate the completion of the Torah in Elul 5768 with pomp and ceremony. However, this did not come to pass as Yossie was then hospitalized for the last time.
During the Shiva the family discussed various worthy causes to support in Yossie's memory. All agreed that Yossie would want them to continue in his footsteps and complete his mission. The decision was made to complete the Sefer Torah for the Remah Shul.
The necessary arrangements for the completion and induction ceremony organized. Yossie's family and many friends flew in from around the world to participate in this emotional event.  With all the planning and anticipation, no one could have imagined the scene, as it took place on 26 Nisan, 5769.
At four in the afternoon, the celebrations started.  The last letters in the Sefer Torah were written in the exact same place where the first letters were written by the Sofer Reb Shneur Vigler, in the Izik shul. After an hour, the Chuppah set out; the Polish police officers closed the streets and secured the parade.
It was surrealistic; people came out of their houses, stood and stared in amazement--Jewish people carrying a Sefer Torah, torch lights, a car with Chassidishe tunes.  The citizens of Cracow had never in their lives seen anything like it.  The last time Jewish people walked through the town was when they were taken to the ghettos.
For over half an hour there was dancing in the streets around the Sefer Torah which was passed from hand to hand.  Yossie’s friends gave all they had, dancing and singing with great harmony, accompanied by the singer R. Yoni Shlomo, and Yossie's presence was felt by all.
The rejoicing moved to the Remah shul, and continued into the streets.  Everyone who could come, came, and those who could not-- in countries around the world--joined in through the telephone broadcast. Many danced with phones in their hands. They sang, they danced and they cried.  It was really joyful, but there was also a great sadness.  The task that Yossie had dedicated himself to was successfully finished, but he himself was not physically present.
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